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Artists, Celebrities & Other Synergetic Brands

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Artists, Celebrities & Other Synergetic Brands

IDENTIFY THE RIGHT PARTENRS Ciel 212 & Co. thrives on identifying artists, celebrities and other synergetic brands or personalities and bringing them together to epitomize their shared values of creativity, technological innovation and style to create something truly one-of-a-kind.

COLLABORATIONS We will help you achieve smart, thoughtful collaborations that will not only provide excitement and intrigue to your existing clients - but will also expose your brand to new, unfamiliar clientele. In turn, this will allow you to cultivate new relationships with each other’s affluent customers who may not have been inclined to approach the other brand without such a collaboration.

NEW IDEAS & INSIGHTS Our unique collaborations will also ignite intrigue and appeal for your brand’s designers and craftsmen by challenging them to push their creative boundaries and know-how, all while using their ingenuity and attention to detail to create a truly made-to-measure luxury product or offering. This will result in a pure expression of exclusive imagination and make for an effective way to generate new ideas and insights that fuel your brand’s growth.

HIGHLY EFFECTIVE EXPOSURES Strategic, well-placed marketing partnerships such as these prove to be beneficial to both parties. In addition to boosting your business and increasing awareness, this kind of venture will allow your brand to break into new markets and territories.