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Training & Education

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Training & Education

For your business or brand to stay one step ahead of the game, your team needs to excel in all areas. Ciel 212 & Co. will deliver engaging, innovative training programs tailored to your business and its intended outcomes to ensure your employees are both capable and confident when fulfilling their duties.

We will work alongside your team to conduct a training needs analysis that will identify the areas that need adjusting before helping them develop a person-centered learning experience that is developed with your employees and their learning requirements in mind. Ciel 212 & Co. will also help you build eLearning programs for your team or assist you in managing existing ones to maintain top-tier in-house training.

Through the development of a thorough training program that incorporates the necessary information and tools, Ciel 212 & Co. will provide you with everything you need to focus on and strengthen your client acquisition and retention initiatives.

This is how:
- Product knowledge and brand story: We will help you create the right story and message for your best-selling products and the rest of your collections, along with the whimsical tale of your brand to empower your employees with the knowledge, tone of voice and understanding required to intrigue your clients.
- Selling skills: From in-store sales techniques and clienteling to communications, Ciel 212 & Co. will help you reach your target customers in an effortless manner without overwhelming them. We will guide you as you nurture sales staff to possess a high level of emotional intelligence and cultural awareness in order to ensure they engage customers from all over the world. This will make sure your team knows how to establish not only what your clients want, but how they want it.
- Merchandising: Covering everything from in-store detailing and display guidelines to window/vitrine presentations and brand exhibition standards, Ciel 212 & Co. will help you with everything related to visual merchandising.