What We Do

We Build

We envision and introduce bold, brave ideas while providing luxury brands and businesses with the tools and knowledge they require to make those ideas a reality.

We Enforce

Working closely with brands and businesses to understand the desired outcomes, we define and direct them by way of bespoke roadmaps and tailored strategies that work across different borders and channels.

We Guide

Armed with expert advice and in-depth experience, we mentor businesses and foster talent to nurture brands and help them thrive.

We Establish

By conducting thorough brand assessments, we identify and determine the ways in which Ciel 212 & Co. can provide insight and assistance across a range of areas.

We Inform

With extensive knowledge and a deep understanding of product classification, retail marketing channels and geographies, we advise brands and accelerate their performance whether they fall under the high-end luxury, bespoke or everyday categories.

We Prepare

As well as shining a light on powerful business insights and implementing new approaches with the brand’s mission and motives in mind, we ensure that leaders across the business are equipped with the tools and resources they need to make an undeniable impact going forward.