Our Approach

There are three ways in which we can work together.

Collaborative Consulting

Ciel 212 & Co. will delve into company projects that require immediate action as part of a collaborative effort with one or several of our consulting partners.
In doing this, we can work alongside experts who specialize and excel in the areas of your business that need improving to ensure optimal results quickly and effectively.
Collaborative consulting means shared insights, tools, knowledge and experience, which will further enhance and strengthen the service we offer you - and ultimately get you and your business where it needs to be.

Instant Consulting

For those looking for an impact from day one (and for results that make themselves known in the shortest time frame possible) Ciel 212 & Co. will provide assistance and guidance on specific projects that a company needs help with - all the way from conception, to execution and implementation.
Including strategic advising and hands-on support, this guidance can be provided for multiple projects simultaneously, or we can offer comprehensive brand support in all areas.
The objective of instant consulting is to give short, medium and long-term results with a faster turnaround than the traditional consulting strategies most large consultancy groups provide.

Continuous Consulting

This is where Ciel 212 & Co.’s expert team members partner with a company on specific projects to deliver right-hand support on a longer-term basis, even once the project has been completed.
Should the client require assistance reflecting that of a board member relationship, Ciel 212 & Co. will be happy to discuss this in further detail.
Continuous consulting tends to come into play when brands or businesses are looking to generate ongoing income by way of subscription-based services and other recurring routes.
It also teams data analytics and advanced technology with experience and expert-level knowledge to deliver solutions that can be relied on every day going forward - such as benchmarking, pricing diagnostics, corporate performance and more.